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Have a look around our site and find a solution to your gaming needs. Over the past 16 years we have sold, rented, and installed D-Box motion sims for home theaters, commercial cinema operations and personal as well as business race and flight simulators.  We stick with what we know and that is motion provided by D-Box.  For specific vibrational cues and movements of your race or flight sim, D-Box will deliver that unmatched  solution for you.





We select a few rig or race platform suppliers that also specialize in their own specific product.  Putting this combination together for you, we can  provide some of the best yet affordable solutions as a base for you to begin your race or flight sim building process.

GT Chassis

F1 Motion Simulator

F1 style pod

GT Chassis by Human Racing
GT Chassis D-Box 4250i actuators

GT Chassis / D-Box 4250i

Sim Labs P1 D-Box

Sim Lab 

At Jamin Sims we can make anything move.  Let us create an inverted motion actuator base and mounting platform and all you do is add your own simulator rig to the top of it.  2 Axis and 3 available.

d-box actuators

Many sims can be converted to motion with a small amount of DIY effort.  This Rseat Formula rig 2 axis motion converted for a budget and full 3 axis for added motion.

High fidelity, robust and maintenance free electrical systems

All our kits operate with an Actuator Control Module (ACM) that can either be on a 120V or a 230V power configuration

We currently have 3 product families of actuators: i, HD, HD-6

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