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Inverted or Standard Actuator placement.

Inverted 3- Axis D-BOX base.

This video shows D-BOX settings at 76% of capability.  

2 Actuators rear and single actuator front. All 3 under your seating position not in front and back for direct feedback of vibration and impact cues.

A front nose travel distance from it's highest point during acceleration to its lowest point under hard braking is 10"[25cm]!  

That's impressive by any measure and of course is fully scalable to your personal liking.

Control distance of up and down. left and right, as well as forward and backward travel. Engine vibration. track texture feedback. and crash impacts are all customizable yet come to you with defaults so ready for you to experience from day one.

Standard Actuator kits. 

Sets of 2, front or rear mount, 3, or 4. 

Travel distance of 1.5", 3", or 6".

Voltage choices 120v , or 230v

D-Box motion actuators
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