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Motion Controllers

Game Motion Controller

D-Box KAI controller
D-Box KCU Controller

The KAI is a motion controller specifically designed to interface with our interactive software and our hardware. The KAI interprets the interactive programmed motion code and transmits the information to the actuators that will move and vibrate accordingly. The KAI is required for interactive or interactive + passive motion coding. 

For example: simulation and training, industrial gaming, theme parks, museums & planetariums, casinos and health.


Powered directly by USB port

USB 2.0-compliant

Full-speed interface


Software-driven intensity control

Microsoft compliant: Labs (WHQL)

Status indicator (LED)

Stream motion indication

Dimensions (H x W x D): 0.75" (1.9 cm) x 1” (2.5 cm) x 2.625" (6.8 cm)

Weight 0.2 lbs. (90.7 g)

Movie Motion Controller



D-BOX can produce realistic immersive motion effects for just about any content. The D-BOX motion systems can bridge the gap between high-fidelity simulations and highly reliable kinetic cues when paired with the best engines.


The movements created by these signals are in perfect synchronization with all the actions taken by the users. It helps you to achieve maximum efficiency and develop muscle memory.


By integrating our technology into your system, the end result will be a highly reliable simulator that adapts to various situations: road texture, engine vibrations, helicopter propeller, etc.


High fidelity, robust and maintenance free electrical systems.

All our kits operate with an Actuator Control Module (ACM) that can either be on a 120V or a 230V power configuration

We currently have 3 product families of actuators: i, HD, HD-6


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