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Custom made simulators!

Our Sim frames are constructed from Aluminium box frame.  These are hollow 2" X 3" {50mm X 75mm}and allow all wires to be integrated into the sim frame itself.  The box frame allows added customization of body panels {coming soon}, and custom selected paint or powder coating.  Just tell us what your desire is and we will create your personal Race Rig. Once complete without seat or wheel weighs less than 30 lbs{15kg}  which makes them easy to move around yet solid for the motion that D-BOX applies to them.  There are no bolts other than for wheel and pedal mounting so the Sim is fully welded by qualified and tested craftsmen. These have been tested with 6 years of motion applied to them and although a simple design, provide the best racing feel when combined with motion as possible since they are a unibody construction.

The D-BOX movie seat can be ordered as an option if converting your inverted game chair to a movie seat is desired. Four bolts off and 4 bolts on and you go from game to movie*.  


* requires seperate control device. MCI or HEMC  Email us for details.


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